Our Work – An Overview

With a focus on supporting the parents and home tutors working with the children, we provide individualised learning plans to enhance essential Literacy and Numeracy skills from the early years to the end of primary school. Our service is in addition to the distance education program and requires approximately 15 to 20 minutes each day to implement.

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Early Learning

Birth – 5 Years

Primary School

Prep – Grade 6

Learning Difficulties

Assessment & specialist learning support

Remote Educator Support

Support for parents and home tutors

At RAISEducation we…

IDENTIFY the student’s learning need through discussions with the parent and/or home tutor.

CONDUCT initial assessment tasks with the student either online or face-to-face (where possible).

CREATE the first weekly program and send it to the parent and/or home tutor to look through.

MEET with the parent and home tutor to answer questions and make sure they feel confident implementing the program.

RECEIVE FEEDBACK from the parent and/or home tutor on the student’s progress each week.

CREATE a new 5-day learning program based on the feedback.

ONGOING SUPPORT is something we pride ourselves on. We’re available each week to answer questions, discuss student progress and support families in any way we can.

We also offer…

  • 15-20 minute online session with the student each week (optional).
  • Home visits to support children and families in the remote classroom.
  • Mobile Playgroup (Central Australia)

They say, ‘It takes a village.’ Well, out here, it takes a whole community – and a lot of hard yakka

Your spare change can spark a huge change

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help to buy a day of face-to-face support for a Grade 2 student learning to read, which we think is even better.

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