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Meet our board of Directors

The RAISEducation team is passionate about providing educational support for  geographically isolated families. As a collective we have three teaching degrees, 35+ years experience in the distance education classroom, 20+ years in mainstream education and have been involved in countless community groups, school councils and leadership positions.
Kylie Jones -        Founding Director

Kylie Jones - Founding Director

Kylie is deeply passionate about supporting the educational journeys of students living in remote and isolated areas across Australia.  She is a qualified teacher, with experience in the mainstream classroom as well as time as a governess on isolated cattle stations in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. She is currently completing a Master of Education, specialising in the Science of Language and Reading and is always up to date with the latest research and evidence on education. Kylie is determined to improve student achievement in Literacy and Numeracy throughout Australia and ensure every child has access to the educational support they need.

Sarah Crook -            Director

Sarah Crook - Director

Talented, dedicated, hard-working and passionate are just a few words you could use to describe Sarah Crook. A highly respected Acting Principal, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge in education.

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Educational Studies at La Trobe University and began teaching at small schools in the Victorian Mallee. She left her family farm to continue her education journey in the NT. During this time, she worked as a governess, taught in a remote indigenous community and was a member of the leadership team while teaching at a school in Alice Springs. These experiences gave her a clear understanding of the educational difficulties’ families living in remote settings face. Sarah is currently in the role of Acting Principal at Lake Boga Primary School and is one of the Teaching & Learning Leaders in the Swan Hill School District.

Sarah has extensive skills and training in assessment & data collection and is passionate about providing individualised learning programs for all students. She strongly believes every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential and she brings a repertoire of teaching skills and strategies to the RAISEducation team.

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Rebecca Cadzow - Director

Rebecca Cadzow - Director

If you’ve ever met Bec, you’ll know there is nothing this inspiring woman can’t achieve! She has a Bachelor of Education (Primary), is a member of the New England Girls School (NEGS) Board of Directors, runs a cattle station, drives road trains, flies planes, is an expert cheese maker and that’s not even close to everything! On top of this, she has three beautiful daughters, all of whom have faced the challenges of undertaking education remotely.

Being a teacher herself, Bec shows a real commitment to improving education in Australia. She has worked tirelessly to make changes to the education system and has recently developed a distance education program for students at NEGS. Bec strongly believes in educational equality and dreams of a future where every child receives the support they deserve.

Bec brings a wealth of teaching knowledge and has experienced the hurdles distance education can present families.

Sally Towne - Director

Sally Towne - Director

‘An absolute inspiration’ is probably the best way to describe Sally Towne. A mother of four beautiful children, a successful businesswoman, and a cancer survivor are only a few items on the long list of achievements you can attribute to Sally.

After leaving the safety of Sydney to experience a ‘gap-year’ in the Northern Territory, Sally never looked back. That ‘gap-year’ turned into a life living and working on remote cattle stations in the NT, QLD and WA while also running her own businesses and raising a family.

During this time, she has experienced first-hand the difficulties children face while undertaking education remotely. She has worked tirelessly to ensure her children have received the best education possible and she is passionate about helping other remote & isolated families find the educational support they require.

Sally brings a wealth of business knowledge and a strong understanding of the educational difficulties faced by remote and isolated families.

Georgina Walsh - Director

Georgina Walsh - Director