Our Partners

Decodable Readers Australia

Decodable Readers Australia are an amazing Australian business that has thrown their support behind RAISEducation. Not only have they a made a significant financial donation but they also supply us with the decodable readers we use in our reading program. These books play an integral part in teaching children how sounds relate to letters so they can unlock the alphabetic code and read words. They also have a wonderful online library which makes it so much easier to share books with families living in remote and isolated locations.

It is Decodable Readers Australia’s goal and passion to play a pivotal role in improving literacy results around the world.  They are dedicated to creating resources that prevent illiteracy, because they truly believe literacy has the power to break the poverty cycle.

Along with their fantastic books, they also have a range of resources and fun activities that develop the essential skills required to become a competent reader. Please support this wonderful Australian business and have a look at their website today.

Decodable Readers Australia | Phonics Books

Napier Pastoral Company

Napier Pastoral Company are a family owned and operated business who believe in helping their community. Owners GS, SE & BS Vickers have four properties across the Northern Territory and South Australia and lead the way in beef production.

The Vickers family are strong advocates for education equality across remote Australia and understand the challenges people face when living on the land. Brad Vickers and his partner Georgie Hamlyn have been a huge supporter of RAISEducation since enrolling their son in early 2021. We are so grateful to have Napier Pastoral Company and the Vickers family as part of the RAISEducation community!


Kimberley Country Department Store

Kimberley Country Department Store is one of the largest suppliers of Western apparel and workwear in Northern WA and a wonderful supporter of RAISEducation. Having spent many years living and working on the land as well as educating their four children through distance education, owners Chris and Sally Towne have a clear understanding of the numerous challenges families face when living in a geographically isolated location.

You can now find Kimberley Country Department Store in Fitzroy Crossing, South Hedland, Derby as well as online. Please support this wonderful Australian business and have a look at their website today.