Making numeracy fun and applicable

At RAISEducation, we believe it is essential to go back to basics and build a solid foundation. Our lessons develop a students’ understanding of number and operations along with the ability to use this knowledge in flexible ways to make mathematical judgements and develop efficient strategies.

Our program is based on three essential underpinnings:

  • Numeration (place-value): An understanding of numbers and the ability to think of them in more than one way
  • Meaning for the operations: An understanding of what the operations do, an ability to recognise the operation symbols and an ability to write and interpret symbolic statements
  • Mental Strategies (number facts): A working knowledge of addition and subtraction facts and multiplication and division facts, based on efficient, non-counting, mental strategies.

We develop students’ automaticity with numbers and their ability to explain and justify their strategies and working. It is essential that students know the concepts and reasoning behind mathematical ideas, not just the procedure to get an answer.