Our Work – Learning Difficulties

At RAISEducation, all our programs are created to meet the individual needs of students. This allows us to adapt and modify programs to suit a child’s learning level and address learning difficulties the student may be experiencing in the classroom.

Every child has the potential to develop a love of learning if they’re given the right support and opportunities to experience success.

Through one-on-one assessment, we identify the individual needs of each child and create a program to focus on these. We think it is essential to help a child find their love of learning and support them to feel confident, capable and excited to make progress.

Currently, our major focus is to find funding to provide access to specialists including speech pathologists and occupational therapists. We believe it is important to identify learning difficulties as early as possible so a team approach can be adopted and the right steps can be taken to ensure a child finds their love of learning and develops a solid foundation in Literacy and Numeracy. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

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Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help to buy a day of face-to-face support for a Grade 2 student learning to read, which we think is even better.

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