About what we do

+ We’re a family who needs your help – how much will it cost us to access your service?

 We know that geographically isolated families across the Outback already face so many challenges and additional costs to educate their children, which is why we do all that we can to provide our services with minimal cost to families. We currently offer our primary school programs to families for free and we’re working hard to keep the costs of our early learning program to a minimum.

Educational support should be available to all learners, regardless of financial situation or geographic location. That’s why we’re committed to sharing our knowledge and skills with our isolated communities, no matter the distance, to help raise the bar for education support for these children and their futures.

+ Are you a registered not-for-profit?

When it comes to our charity status, we’re true blue! We’re registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), which means we rely on the generous financial support of individuals and businesses to get out there and do our best work.

In fact, our mates at the ACNC even gave us this little ripper badge to prove we’re legit – she’s a beaut!

+ Is my donation tax deductible?

You bet! All donations over $2 are tax deductible for Australian residents. We’ll even email you a receipt for your donation amount so you can keep the ATO happy.

+ Where does my donation go? What impact does it have?

That’s a fair (and clever!) question.

Our goal is to foster all students’ love of learning by inspiring home tutors and parents to feel confident, passionate, and positive about the lessons they deliver – and to do that, they need access to quality learning support.

Your donation is used to support our families directly, either in the form of a customised learning plan based on a child’s individual learning needs in literacy & numeracy, online 1:1 support lessons, or an in-home visit to teach the home tutor, governess, or parent how to deliver the learning program without any prior educational training.

We currently offer weekly intervention & extension programs in Literacy, Numeracy, and Early Learning Support (3 to 5 years) in the form of a tailored 15-20 minute daily lesson that the family can teach at their own pace and within their own timeframe.

You can also sign up for our Community Round-Up to hear from our families – direct from the horse’s mouth – and see how RAISEducation has impacted their individual learning journeys

+ We are a school/educational supplier. Can we support raiseducation by sending out supplies and resources?

Hooley dooley, that’s generous of you! We often need more essential learning tools like stationery, art supplies, sports equipment, technology, and learning support resources. (Because when you live 500 k’s from the closest grocery store, you can’t just pop down the shops to grab some new crayons and butcher’s paper when you run out!)

If your pre-loved resources are in tip-top shape – or better yet, brand-spankin’-new – we’d love to share them with our community. Please get in touch with us to arrange the delivery details. (And thank you!)

Say g’day to some of the families we’ve RAISEd the learning support bar for so far…

"RAISEducation has made an incredible difference to our son Henry’s reading and Maths. He understands what he is learning, and loves completing the work set out by Miss K. We love that the programs are created to suit him, and the support and guidance for Henry and our governess is second to none. The personalised learning content is a big draw card and makes Henry want to learn more, do his best and always complete set work. We highly recommend RAISEducation to everyone as we think it is amazing! "

– Brad & Georgie Vickers (Parents)

"I love the way RAISEducation programs are designed for each individual child and catered to their needs. I have noticed in the past year my son growing from a struggling reader to a much more confident reader who has moved up a lot of levels! Miss Kylie celebrates the success and the achievements of our child just as much as we do. RAISEducation has changed our lives and we would highly recommend them to any families looking at getting extra help for their child.

– Danyelle Haigh (Parent)

"RAISEducation is a fabulous program! It has made a big difference to my student’s education and to me as a governess. My student was having difficulty reading and within a few months of working with RAISE, his reading became a breeze. Kylie also offers a lot of support to the home tutor/governess. I would definitely recommend RAISEducation to anyone with a student or child struggling and needing support in the remote schoolroom. "

– Laura (Governess)

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