Say G’Day to the Haigh Family

Photo of the Haigh family who work with RAISEducation.

Danyelle & Anthony are raising Heath (8 y.o.) & Theo (3 y.o.) with their Governess teaching the boys.


The Territory Grape Farm, Anmatjere, NT, and living onboard a road train when drilling in Outback Australia for the family’s other company.

Our Story

Running two businesses in Outback Australia means the family spends their time between two locations. As a result, the family travels all over the Northern Territory, with some days spent driving for 10 hours straight over remote and rough terrain.

How RaisEducation has changed our life

Heath was having a lot of difficulty with school and was falling behind, resulting in massive meltdowns and crying nearly every day. RAISEducation gave Heath individualised support, designing a specialised program to target his challenges with reading.

Within a year, Heath had grown from a struggling reader to a much more confident reader who had moved up many levels. He was engaged in school again.

One thing we wish city folk knew

Living remotely has many challenges, but the main one is isolation.

With dodgy phone service, full days, and constant travelling, it’s challenging to maintain social connections, let alone access the required educational services for your child.

And, even once you know what your child needs, it isn’t easy to access it due to various factors like time, finances, and physical location.

The RAISEd team are well aware of families’ struggles with remote living, which is why their learning program fits in with ‘Station Life’ – and honestly, we’d be lost without their support.

“Miss Kylie celebrates our child’s success and achievements just as much as we do. RAISEducation has changed our lives, and we would highly recommend them for any families looking at getting extra help for their child – there is no replacement for RAISEducation….”