Meet the Vickers Family

Photo of RAISEducation family, the Vickers family.

Brad & Georgie are raising Henry (7 y.o.), William (5 y.o.) and Charlie (1 y.o.) at Delmore Downs Cattle Station with their Governess, Miss Layne, teaching the boys.


Approximately 300km northeast of Alice Springs, NT. To reach Delmore Downs, you turn off the Plenty Hwy and travel over 100km on a dirt road that’s seen better days.

Our Story

We run the station alone, with Miss Layne managing the remote classroom. We also run another cattle station approximately 3 hours from Delmore and travel between the two properties during mustering season, which runs from March – November, outside of the wet season.

How RaisEducation has changed our life

RAISEducation supports the learning journeys of Henry and William. Both boys are incredibly bright and require extension opportunities, which are limited within the School of the Air program. The boys were becoming bored and not enjoying school, which impacted their learning ability.

One thing we wish city folk knew

It takes over three hours to get to the nearest shop or hospital from Delmore, so accessing support resources and extended lessons from RAISEducation has been a godsend.

It also meant that Henry and William could continue their education at home without the family having to fly interstate for additional support, which is expensive and hard to come by.

“RAISEducation has made an incredible difference to our son Henry’s reading and maths. He understands what he is learning and loves completing the work set out by Miss Kylie. The personalised learning content is a big draw card and makes Henry want to learn more, do his best, and always complete set work…”