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Early childhood is a time of rapid change – particularly for the development of a child’s brain as it reaches 90% of its full size by the age of five. These early years are critical for lifelong learning and well-being. Talking, reading, playing and singing with babies, toddlers and young children is so important in shaping thinking and influencing learning, relationships and resilience.

At RAISEducation, we recognise that for many years, children living in geographically isolated locations have had limited to no support in these crucial years. 

A quality education shouldn’t be attached to a postcode so we’re doing all that we can to ensure families living in remote locations receive ongoing, individualised support to help their children thrive in the first five years.

We focus on the specific needs of each child and identify their strengths and areas for development when creating their individualised learning programs. Learning and education should be a positive experience and foster a child’s curiosity and personal interests. Our aim is to develop a solid foundation through play-based learning and instruction, so children can hit the ground running when they enter the classroom and start their formal education.

Our weekly programs include a range of engaging activities that develop a child’s phonological awareness, oral language, and numeracy skills. We’re also developing opportunities for geographically isolated children to interact and engage with their peers, even when living many kilometres from the next child and family.

Like all of our work at RAISEducation, we understand the importance of the parent and home tutor in a child’s life, especially when living in a geographically isolated location.

Our programs provide the necessary support and coaching for parents and home tutors to become their child’s first teacher. We use ongoing feedback from the family to modify and adapt the program each week, so it is continually meeting the needs of the child. All programs are flexible and unique to the family’s time availability and individual needs.

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