From Old MacDonald to Charlotte’s Web, every farm and the people living on it have a story worth telling – including us.

Founded in 2020 by Primary Teacher-turned-Governess, Kylie Jones, RAISEducation is a registered Australian charity that aims to close the education gap by improving the educational outcomes for children living in remote and isolated farming communities across Outback Australia.

With a focus on supporting the parents and home tutors working with the children, we provide individualised learning plans to enhance essential Literacy and Numeracy skills in the early years and primary school-aged students, as well as in-home visits to deliver specific face-to-face learning support.

Our Mission

We deliver practical, actionable, plain-speaking learning support strategies and early intervention for children with specific learning needs living in geographically isolated locations across Outback Australia.

Our Vision

To remove barriers to equitable, supportive, meaningful educational experiences for Australian families living in geographically remote locations so that all children can thrive at school and in the future.

Our Value Pillars

RAISE is founded on six unshakeable core values.

It takes a community

They say, ‘It takes a village.’ Well, out here, it takes a whole community – and a lot of hard yakka. By showing up, having a red-hot go, and connecting with the people we serve, we reinforce our commitment to making a difference in our remote and isolated communities.

Think outside the box

Creativity is the mother of invention – and out here, we think that ‘flexibility’ is its close cousin. We recognise that no two students are the same; we’re proof that what works for one doesn’t work for all. That’s why we challenge ourselves to think outside the box, make adjustments as we go, and always find ways to make things work better.

Teamwork makes the dream work

We don’t profess to know everything; we know that two heads are better than one and that life smarts beat book smarts more often than not. Partnering with parents, governesses, tutors, teachers (and the occasional station hand), we work together to develop learning experiences that enrich our children’s lives.

Knowledge is power

You don’t know what you don’t know, so we go out of our way to find things out – even the tricky hard-to-figure-out stuff. We don’t believe in holding back knowledge to bolster our egos; we know that when everyone learns, everyone wins. No gatekeeping, unanswered questions, secrets, or hidden agendas – just refreshing transparency, a commitment to raising awareness, and an open line of communication between our families, partners, and donors.

For the love of learning

We’re going the distance to help close the education gap. We know developing a love of learning is important, which is why it’s vital that every child’s learning experience is meaningful, enjoyable, and individualised for their needs. This understanding drives us to deliver practical, actionable, plainspeaking learning support strategies to help our little tackers form deeper connections to their learning and the land they’re on.

Compassion is a teacher

We call it ‘education’, but it’s really just about going back to basics, focussing on the needs of the students, and teaching from the heart. We deeply care about the families we work with and the isolated communities we live in. Our reason for existing doesn’t just hit close to home – it is our home. Leading with compassion, acting with kindness, and showing that we care about our families’ futures is what drives us when we’re driving thousands of kilometres across the outback to our next lesson – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our People

KYLIE JONES – Founding Director

SARAH CROOK – Director


SALLY TOWNE – Director

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