Our Story

For the love of learning

RAISEducation was founded in 2020 with the goal to improve the educational outcomes of students living in geographically isolated locations across Australia. Our service is in addition to distance education programs and provides individualised learning plans to enhance essential Literacy and Numeracy skills. We recognise the fact that no two students are the same, therefore, no two learning plans are the same. We strive to instil a love of learning in the student and develop their confidence and self-belief.

RAISEducation was founded in November 2020, by Kylie Jones. After graduating from the University of Tasmania, she spent four years working in a primary school in Alice Springs. Kylie then chose to seek adventure by taking on a governess role with four children living on an isolated cattle station in the Northern Territory and later, in Western Australia. This gave her the opportunity to experience what it meant to be truly isolated from mainstream society and the luxuries that come with it. Services most people take for granted such as supermarkets, medical support and education were over 200kms away.

During this time, Kylie met a number of home tutors and parents who were educating their children through distance education. She could see the enthusiasm, skills and life experience these people brought to the remote schoolroom, however, she realised many of them had little or no experience as educators. Although distance education is run by qualified teachers, there is so much responsibility that falls upon the parent or home tutors’ shoulders to ensure a child receives a quality education. Kylie realised all of these dedicated parents and home tutors wanted to do the best they could for their children but they didn’t always know how to make this happen.

Kylie believed there was a real need for a service that supported parents and home tutors to ensure their child was making the most of their time at school. After returning to teaching and having a few years to think about it, she took the plunge and decided to turn RAISEducation into a reality. As the idea for RAISEducation took flight, Kylie insisted that the service was provided at no cost to families. She strongly believes educational support should be free for all, regardless of your financial situation or geographic location.

RAISEducation now offers a range of individualised support programs for families undertaking distance education. Much of our focus is on training and supporting the parent or home tutor to deliver an individualised learning program. While technology has come a long way, it still can’t replace the connection an educator and child have in a face-to-face setting. This is why we believe it is vital that the home tutor or parent is equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct learning sessions as they are the ones interacting and building connections with the student on a daily basis. Through online sessions with the student and weekly feedback from the parent or home tutor, the child’s progress is continually monitored by a qualified teacher at RAISEducation. We base our program on the individual needs of each family and take the time to collaborate and set learning goals. RAISEducation also offers home-visits to engage with both the student and family to ensure our support is targeted to both the learner and home tutor or parent.

Our Vision

To raise the educational outcomes and instil a love of learning in every geographically isolated child so they have the ability to chase their dreams.

Our Mission

To provide individualised learning support, specifically in Literacy & Numeracy, for geographically isolated students that have specific learning needs that are not being met due to lack of services in geographically isolated areas.